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Memes as Digital Activism


It’s election season, and all around the town, the politicos are out picketing on the streets and handing out flyers to passersby. Signs declaring political affiliations stand proudly in front lawns. Someone has stopped to have a heated discussion with a Romney supporter, and there’s that one crazy guy yelling about the New World Order on the street corner.

And it’s all happening right on your News Feed.

Facebook digital activism in the form of memes is an emerging form of popular political discourse, and as such, desperately calls for rhetorical analysis. Memes deserve more critical attention, both in scholarship and in public discourse, because of their pervasiveness and because of how easy it is to “like” these condensed, “byte-sized” pieces of information and instantaneously pass them on. Drink some coffee, spread some propaganda, and your morning has begun. That’s right, I said propaganda. I don’t think because a political…

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