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RC’s Dr. Eric Steig boreholes himself on Antarctica

Watts Up With That?

This is something that needs wider circulation, hence its appearance here. I’ve been mulling over how to best present this, and decided there’s nothing I could do in the way of excerpts that still told the story effectively, so I decided to present it in full. I’m pretty sure Jeff won’t mind. Readers may recall Steig et al 2009 and its cover picture on Nature saying the whole of Antarctica is warming, and the skeptic response paper O’Donnel et al 2010 response demonstrating conclusively that the peninsula is warming, but the whole of the continent is not. The reason for this is the same flawed PCAflawed statistical methodology, similar to what was used by Mann to create the Hockey Stick.  Jeff Condon, co-author of O’Donnell et al 2010  tells the story at his Air Vent blog.  Andrew Montford also has a post on it where he opines about…

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