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Gina Rinehart – Meme Mining

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One of my favourite parts of online culture is the spread of memes.

Memes are a simple, creative and often hilarious way of making a point, subverting a culture, challenging hypocrisy or to simply have a good laugh.

Memes have also become a surprise source of political commentary and social change. Whenever a public figure makes a big statement you can almost instantly go online and find a series of memes co-opted from their words.

When it was reported that Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart made calls for the minimum wage in Australia to be lowered and criticised the country’s poor, Australians leapt at the opportunity to respond. A variety of memes emerged responding to Rinehart’s comments:

Many of the memes provided an important outlet for Australians to respond to Rinehart’s statements. The role of humour and satire cannot be underestimated in terms of social impact. The memes have contributed to…

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