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Corporate ID Theft is Easy

Plato on-line

‘How easy is it to steal the identity of a business? Just ask Roger Lee Shoss and Nicolette Loisel, two Houston-based attorneys who turned hijacking the identities of publicly traded companies into a cottage industry.

‘According to the Department of Justice, the two took advantage of loose public- and private filing systems for more than a year, fooling regulators in Ireland, the UK and the U.S. and stealthily taking control of dozens of dormant firms. The scam calls attention to a little-known, but growing problem in the U.S. and elsewhere: business identity theft, and the way that lax business filing systems aid would-be thieves…’ more

Stand Up To Cancer Telecast
Get Retweeted by Celebs During First Social Cancer Telethon
I don’t believe in donating to medical fundraising anymore but if you want a chance to chat with celebs while donating, do it with this telethon

‘Rather than simply giving callers…

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