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Want a better job? Find a mentor

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(Reuters) – Denise Morrison says early-career guidance from the right mentor made her who she is today: the chief executive officer of Campbell Soup Co.   

In the 1980s, Morrison was a director of sales planning for the U.S. arm of food company Nestle SA. Her work ethic and performance in the White Plains, New York, office caught the eye of President C. Alan MacDonald.

MacDonald would check in with Morrison, make himself available for questions and even ask her about customer feedback. Before long, he had recommended her for a promotion to business director.

“That was a defining moment,” says Morrison, who is now so dedicated to mentoring that she spends as much as 20 percent of her time advising and supporting others.

Although few people have the company president as a personal advocate, Morrison’s experience demonstrates how valuable mentors can be.

Mentors can help you navigate sticky office…

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