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New easy to use reference book for El Niño and global warming

Watts Up With That?

I think readers will appreciate the point by point style that this book is written in. It enables you to zero in on argument rebuttals with graphs and data. Highly recommended – Anthony

Also see Roger Pielke Sr.’s Announcement and TallBloke’s Book Review of “Who Turned on the Heat – The Unsuspected Global Warming Culprit, El Niño-Southern Oscillation”


Bob Tisdale announces: This Free Preview includes the Table of Contents; the Introduction; the beginning of Section 1, with the cartoon-like illustrations; the discussion About the Cover; and the Closing.

Have you searched the web, looking for information about La Niña and her big brother El Niño? You know, those colossal cooling and warming events in the tropical Pacific that cause flooding in some parts of the world, drought in others—heat waves here, cold spells there—blizzards and record snowfall in your driveway, but a snow-free winter at your favorite ski resort…

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