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Do Context and Opportunity Trump Content?

The Healthcare Marketer

The truth is, I’m tired of reading all of these proclamations from marketing experts that “Content is King.” First, I think that statement misses a huge part of the equation: the role of opportunity identification. Second, I fear that marketers, hearing that content is King, will revert back to being content pushers. In fact, that’s exactly how most marketers use social media today. They push content. There’s very little interaction or engagement with the audience. Today, in Forbes online, there’s an article titled “Is Content King for Business Marketers?” The author’s premise, which is correct, is that you have to have content to engage consumers and foster relationships. In the end, it is about creating value for the audience. (I would argue that content is just one element in building value – and in building relationships. It is not supreme. It is essential.) However, what so many people…

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