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Windows 7 Trouble Again

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Just when Win7 was declared the number one OS now, it gave me hell again. It suddenly disconnected from the Net. And when I managed to connect again, it just won’t open Ubuntu, Joli OS, or any browser or program. But at least it gave me hope when it allowed Chrome OS on USB. Of course I went back to Win7 trying to fix it. Then I learned my lesson:

When trying to fix Windows, the first thing you do is do a System Restore
If you still need some fixes, you go to F8 and click on ‘Last known good configuration’
If Win7 still refuses to open programs and apps, do ‘Run as administrator’ to any of them
Optional: Don’t forget to disable Java which I did even before this lesson.

Since any most popular OS will surely take the hard fall next, dump Windows 7 if you can…

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