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Let’s Keep it Real

Sharon Hayes Dot Com

<soapbox time>Left and right I’m hearing people complain about how bad the economy is. People not being able to find jobs. People with businesses having a hard time making ends meet. People wanting to start a business and not taking action.

We’re in the midst of major changes. My money is on the global economy getting much worse before it gets better.

But you know what? There are jobs. There are businesses making a lot of money. There are new start-ups coming along which got launched with little to no capital.

It’s NOT that things are impossible right now. It’s not even that things are difficult. Really. It’s that times and the world we are in is evolving. There’s no instruction book for a lot of things. A lot of it is take what you know DOES work and modify it until it does work.

Looking back at history… the…

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