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Hackers Grab 12 Million Apple IDs from FBI

Oh snap

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The hacker group Anonymous claims that they have stolen 12 million Apple Unique Device Identifier numbers (UDID), releasing 1 million publicly as “proof”. Though this in itself would be cause for concern, it doesn’t stop there. They claim that the information was stolen from an FBI agent’s laptop!

The ID breach was made public through a tweet from AnonymousIRC (above) that linked to a Pastebin post. The post is a compilation of hacktivism rants, including Russian loans to Syria, a list of hackers that were supposedly killed or mistreated by the government, and their philosophy of life.

It does include an interesting message to NSA leader General Keith Alexander:

In July 2012 NSA’s General Keith Alexander (alias the Bilderberg Biddy) spoke at Defcon, the hacker conference in Las Vegas, wearing jeans and a cool EFF t-shirt (LOL. Wtf was that?). He was trying to seduce hackers into improving Internet…

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