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Five Reasons Why Proteus’ e-pill is the Holy Grail of Digital Health

The Digital Health Corner

This author has been writing about digital health technologies for a while.  Regular readers know that it is rare for individual companies or products to be highlighted or even mentioned in my posts.  However, the Proteus Digital Health (formerly Proteus Biomedical) ingestible biosensor has ramifications that transcend earnings for the company or a few patents. It was recently approved by the FDA after having been approved a while ago by the CE of the EU. In summary, this technology is a physiologic sensor incorporated into a medication pill.  Stomach juices activate an energy source which is similar to a potato starch battery.  The sensor then sends signals to a skin patch electrode which then wirelessly transmits information such as vital signs, body position, and verification of medication ingestion. The information is obtainable to designated persons (caregiver, clinician) via an app.  It is, essentially, the quintessential digital technology.

1.     This technology…

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