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Evaluating What Makes a Shopping Cart Work Best

Lorelle on WordPress

WordPress PluginsBefore you check out your next WordPress shopping cart or ecommerce WordPress Plugin, you need to read this.

In April 2011, Smashing Magazine published “Fundamental Guidelines Of E-Commerce Checkout Design” in their UX (User Experience) column exploring what they called the “harsh reality” of e-commerce websites.

According to recent e-commerce studies, at least 59.8% of potential customers abandon their shopping cart (MarketingSherpa puts it at 59.8%, SeeWhy at 83% and MarketLive at 62.14%). The main question is why do customers abandon their shopping cart so often? Is there some fundamental mistake that designers of e-commerce websites do very often?

They reported on a usability study they launched in 2010 focused on the checkout user experience. They wanted to document everything that happened throughout the entire experience to determine if there were answers to the questions that plague e-commerce sites. The results left them with 11 fundamental guidelines that…

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