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A Stroll Through New Kansai

Being Yordie Sands

Yesterday I took a nice stroll through the new Japan Kansai in the Hosoi sim group. I shot a few photos but again I’m presenting only a few views of what I found. The reason is because I feel you’ll find a visit to the new sims to be at once reassuring but also full of surprises. And just so everyone understands, these sims are open for role play and there are many groups you can join including geisha, samurai, ninja or even theater performers. I’ll talk more about the role play in the next few days.

I want to assure friends of the Hosoi sim group, those who feel the loss of Kanto and the Great Wall sims, this new arrangement adds a new dimension. I believe that much has been gained by connecting these two sim, especially for those who roleplay.

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