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Joining the SETI project is not only fast and easy, it’s free. SETI has long been a favorite program of those with a keen interest in space or the search for intelligent life beyond that which is currently known to man. In the earliest days of SETI, there was not much room for most enthusiasts to do anything to help further the program, but with the advent of the Internet and higher quality technology available to people for personal use than ever before, now SETI has a place for almost anyone to join in and participate.

For those unfamiliar with SETI, SETI is an acronym which stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” SETI emplys a scientific approach to the quest for contact with extraterrestrial life forms by using radio telescopes (radio SETI) to scan space for narrow bandwidth signals that are incoming. The reason narrow bandwidth signals are scanned for…

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