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Gretchen Leary

Dear Ms. Winslet,

There are many ways that people in the spotlight, such as yourself, have empowered the Autism community.

But from the perspective of a self advocate like myself on the Spectrum, I feel the Golden Hat Foundation goes above and beyond those things. I feel it gives a voice to those who cannot speak and captures the heart of what true Autism Advocacy means to me.  Knowing that you were in my town, I simply could not pass up the opportunity to share my newest manuscript with you.  Dani Bowman and I have teamed up to create an interactive children’s book that promotes acceptance by understanding.

Now, that the book is finished and on Amazon, I am reaching out to you a second time for this coming April 2014. I could think of no better endorsement than from such a positively focused organization such as yours.


Gretchen Leary

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