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Originally published in Blogger and Podcaster Magazine and updated. I write for a variety of online and offline magazines. They’ve graciously permit me to republish my articles.

Articles about blogging tipsParticipating in a recent multiple guest blogger event, I edited and review posts by many top bloggers before publishing. I was rather stunned to find that even veteran bloggers sometimes forget the most basic blog writing and search engine optimization techniques these same bloggers frequently blog about.

There could be many reasons why these basic blogging tips were overlooked. They could have been in a hurry, a little lazy, or maybe they think these things aren’t important any more, but they are often critical to the success of an article.

Search engine optimization techniques improve your blog’s ranking in search engine results. If the search engine can move easily through your blog without interruption or error, you have a good start on…

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  1. pochp

    I was guilty too lol!
    If you use Firefox for WP blogging, chances are you will have problems (I continue having them!). If you do, just ask me and I’ll give you tips.

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