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Gretchen Leary


This was written while listening to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 25. I encourage you to listen to this piece while reading this to experience the full intensity of this poem.

I stand atop the highest rock
Surrounded by nothing but
Open ocean and my thoughts

Breathing in deeply as
I see angry skies approaching-
Completely enchanted
I stand quite still-

I stand high on my toes
As the waves grow taller
And the swirling gusts of
Cool mist grow stronger

Dark smudged skies
Open and pour down on me
As I start swaying to
The quickening breeze
Imagining small schools
Of fishes waltzing below me

I tap my near frozen feet
To the beat of the thunder
And the storm’s heartbeat
Lost in a state of wonder

A sudden epiphany
Washes over me as
I begin waving my arms wildly
Hushing the roar of the waves
Taming the…

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