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Gretchen Leary

“Let this day change your life” was the first thought that ran through my mind as I slowly opened my eyes that morning. I closed my eyes again trying to adjust to the light pouring in through the windows. I anxiously grabbed my clock to check the time. A glaring 8:30AM blinked back at me. I was late for work. I could feel my pulse quickening and a headache coming on. No. Wait a minute. Today was Saturday. No work today. My pulse slowed down enough for me to take a deep breath.

I didn’t feel much like moving. The icy metal springs digging into my back reminded me yet again that it was well past due to buy a mattress. Oh god. I just wanted to go back to sleep. But the bed apparently had other ideas. No matter how I tossed or turned, the cardboard makeshift mattress would…

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