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   I was recently involved with doing some telemarketing, promoting for preseason orders, and I wanted to relate one of the calls I made.

   This particle call was answered on the first ring, which is very uncommon, in itself.  A small voice was on the other end, and whispered, “hello?”  I said, “Good afternoon!  Is your father at home?”  The voice whispered, “yes”.  I said, “May I speak to him?”  The voice whispered, “no, he’s talking to the police.”  I said, “Well, is your mother there?”  The voice whispered, “yes”.  I said, “May I speak…..” , the voice cut me off with, “no, she’s talking to the fire department.”  I said, “WOW! Is there a problem, or something that your family needs help with?” The voice said, “no”.  By this time, I’ve become concerned about the situation, and asked, “What’s everybody doing?”  The voice whispered, “looking for me <click>”. 

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