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Have you heard about AdGoggle? I’d be interested in your opinion of the concept?

This is a serious question:  Would you promote a social network ‘app’ startup if the idea was good, but some of the characteristics had negative connotations?
I’ve been asked what’s so good about AdGoggle so here’s a video to explain more – I promise you it’s safe:
The concept is simple; by combining the beneficial characteristics of classic 6-degree social networking, with the revenue sharing model predominant in MLMs, AdGoggle seeks to crack a major problem for advertisers:
AdGoggle is trying to crack a problem that no one has been wholly successful in so far: The vision is to allow advertisers to reach their target audience effectively, and for users to receive advertisements that match their interests. There’s nothing new in that; Google, Facebook etc are all trying to achieve this. But to date, nobody has been…

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